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Ox School of Construction Resource Center, Inc. is a state of Florida registered non-profit organization who’s mission is to identify & correct the condition of deteriorated residential & commercial properties.

Many structures lose their value and become hazardous to the home or business-owner’s health and negatively impacts the environment. By rebuilding and renovating these structures creates an overall community wellness.

Ox School of Construction is a multi-licensed general contractor exam prep school and pre-qualifier that developed a non-profit certified Resource Center that will teach hands-on construction trades to youths ages 17-29, including military veterans. Our intensive 40-week program will assist each graduating cadet to an entrepreneurial path.


The mission of Ox School of Construction Resource Center Inc., is to teach, provide support, information, motivation, mentorship, discipline, hands-on construction trades leading up to starting their own business and services to communities, and create economic-development opportunities for the public to support our youths and veteran troops through the organization's outreach programs.

  • "Education for our youths and military veterans"
  • "Support for our youths and military vets"
  • "Community Awareness for youths and Troop Support"
  • “Economic-Development”

Our mission includes four distinct areas: ACADEMICS, TEAMWORK, CONSTRUCTION TRADES, and ENTREPRENUERSHIP.

Army Of Builders Corp., is a worldwide network where EVERY graduating cadet will be a life time member where ever they go. Their uniform will be a statement of stature that will always stand-out with pride, dignity, honor and respect. When people see a cadet that graduated from Ox School Of Construction Resource Center they will look upon that cadet with both respect and pride for they are part of a brotherhood/sisterhood that will remain a part of their lives forever. They are now the future builders of the Americas and will have the duty of building homes, road ways, repair roofs, plumbing, electrical, masonry, concrete, site work, and commercial projects across the country.

Each graduating cadet will be STRONGLY encouraged to start their own business and become a certified general contractor which we will assist them with hands-on. For those cadets that chose this route this will be known as Phase III. For those that wish to secure employment with another construction company through our network of construction companies needing qualified tradesmen and women, we will assist each cadet with the transition which is known as Phase IV. Through their life-time membership they will have access to multiple levels of assistance including, 24 hours counseling, estimating, project development, management technique, economic development, how to negotiate, among other techniques that will ensure their success. Each cadet will always be able to return home to the Resource Center for additional training and support.


We have two campuses currently. Our Florida location is in the heart of downtown Orlando and our International Student Exchange Program Campus is located in the heart of Dolega, Panama. This new 20 acres of land will be able to house, feed and train 30 to 80 cadets at a time. For those new recruits that wish to study abroad please speak with your recruiter for more details and requirements.



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Due to our positive relationship with Central and South Americas we were able to forge an exchange student program that will benefit and allow cadets from Panama to study in the United States and cadets from the United States to study in Panama. To gain a global experience and exposure to how the construction industry has changed and grown over the years and how each cadet can implement their own ideas on how to make the industry much better for many decades to come. We WILL change the face of the construction industry as we know it today.

We are a non-profit 501 c3 organization and operate solely on the contributions and sponsorships from other construction companies, private donors, community organizations. This is an ideal time to increase your level of support, and become a sponsor today. You can help sponsor a recruit today and change their lives forever.



To thank you for your generous donations, we will gratefully present to you a 2019 AOBC Partner Card that signifies your pledge to give on a monthly basis. You will fill a vital role in helping us shape the future builders of tomorrow. I hope you’ll take a minute to send a special gift of $100, $50, $30, $20, $15 or more.

Please send your tax-deductible donations on this website or to P.O. Box 585102 Orlando, FL 32858


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Founder / Director

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